For the past couple of months, with my friend Jen, I’ve participated in The Sketchbook Project.

I completed filling up my sketchbook (more or less) a couple of weeks ago; I have yet to mail it in.  It’s a little intimidating looking at some of the entries on the website (go ahead, take a look), but it’s also sort of neat knowing that a bunch of people will be looking at your random bits of art.  Although from some of the entries, it looks like actually drawing in the book is a rarity.

Since I chose to have my sketchbook scanned in as well, this ranks up there as the most expensive sketchbook I’ve ever bought.

Either way, it was a fun experience.  Gave me an excuse to doodle, although I don’t think I’ll be doing this again.  The “story” was centered on the last minute data collection for a paper I had to do with my iRobot Create-based research robot, Rosi, told in the style of full-size comic pages.  As this robot has given me trouble from almost the very start, it wasn’t hard coming up with material.

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