Online Traps

So there are many timesinks on the internet, but once again I’ve been drawn into a timesink that had its claws in me once before: Hardcore Gaming 101.

I also like to mix metaphors.

It’s a great website if you’re interested in older video games, older in this case meaning those released in the years starting at 1985 and up.  It’s a collection of articles written by a group of fellows about all sorts of games; commentary about their quality, reasons for development, so on and so forth.  Often a lot more interesting than looking up a game on Wikipedia.

The particular article that drew me back into this trap was this one: Tracing the Influence. It’s an article about the…influences…that went into many pieces of video game box art in the 1980s. Needless to say, “influence” is a mild term; flat out tracing is probably a better term.  The article is definitely a good read.

(In other news, the sketchbook was mailed off yesterday. I have no idea what happens now.)

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