A little amateur numismatics.

So on a trawl of Amazon’s random recommendations, I stumbled across a little treasure chest of old American coinage.  Since I am a fan of old coinage, I decided to buy it; the price seemed all right.

Turns out these chests are packed up by American Coin Treasures, who have a ridiculous amount of neat coin-related things for sale. It’s one of those sites that I have to stay away from for a while now.

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So, anyway, about this treasure chest.

They promised that it would have some old coins, specifically some wheat pennies and possibly a buffalo nickel and/or an Indian head penny.  I had plenty of wheat cents, as a result of buying about a pound from a seller on eBay some years back, so that didn’t fully grasp my interest.  It was the possibility of getting some of these rarities that did.

So what did I get?  Well, let’s have a look at the trunk. Looks pretty nice…

Coins and chest.Not too bad.  (I’m actually sort of spoiling it since all the coins are to the right, there.  But we’ll get to that.)

Inside of the chest there was a little burlap bag with the coins.  Here’s a look at those:

What's inside?Neat! So what did we get? As you can see, there are a lot of wheat cents in there, as you’d expect.  They aren’t exactly uncommon if you know where to look.  But what’s all that in the upper left-hand corner?

  • One bicentennial (1976) Kennedy half-dollar.  Nothing special there; I actually already had one of these.
  • A 1906 Indian cent!
  • A 1935 Buffalo nickel!
  • Three 1943/1943D Lincoln steel cents in the most amazing condition. I’ve never run across any in this kind of condition before.
  • And an 1898 Liberty head nickel!

While some may go “oh, nothing special there, ol’ bean,” for me, this is really cool. I’ve never held some of these coins before and to actually have a few is really awesome.

So, yeah, looking for a unique gift this year? Give a gift of some historical coins.

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