The Mole and His Tunnel

This is a “reprint” of sorts of a fable I wrote in late 2005.  It’s just as relevant today, and, I think, an appropriate thing for the new year.

The Mole and His Tunnel

One day, Mole started digging a tunnel. He wasn’t exactly sure if it was a good idea to dig a tunnel, but his dear friend Chipmunk said that she was digging a tunnel, and so, he started digging one too.

Chipmunk later gave up on her tunnel, for she had lots of other things that she needed to do, too. It is just as well, chipmunks are chipmunks.

Mole, however, continued to dig his tunnel.

Sometime later, Squirrel happened upon Mole digging his tunnel. He put his tiny paws on his chubby waist. “Mole,” he said, “I say, why do you continue digging this tunnel? You will be on the other side of the world digging your way back if you don’t stop soon!”

Mole poked his head out of the tunnel and twitched his nose at Squirrel. “I continue digging because I am not finished,” he said, and returned to his work.

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