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So, I’ve been wanting a digital tablet for quite some time.  Back in the elder days, I had a Wacom Graphire, buuuut it was the Graphire of the elder days.

What do I mean by that?

The active area was about five inches wide and three inches tall.

You…do the math.  In sum, it wasn’t terribly useful.

I’d been looking at the Cintiq for sometime in the future, because of my poor experience with that Graphire. I didn’t think I could draw without looking directly at the pencil, so to speak.  But I was willing to try again, so I started looking at the Intuos again.

I did not think to look at a tablet that was not made by Wacom. I wasn’t even sure they existed!  But, look, here’s one that Monoprice produces. Monoprice makes things other than extremely cheap cables? They do!

I heard some glowing reviews of this particular tablet, and just look at that price! Is it even possible for it to be that good for that price?

IT IS. I am absolutely in love with this thing, and I’ve only had it two days. I had availed myself of the Manga Studio deal that came out in late 2012, and have just been…spending so much free time drawing with it.

There are some caveats and quirks: for some reason, if the tablet is on a hub and you disable a device, it’ll disable the tablet portion and not the hotkey portion until you plug it back in again. A bit bothersome, but it’s not too much of a problem for a tablet you paid less than $100 for.

I’m still working out the quirks of drawing this way, but I do have some sample work, after the joomp.

In sum, this Monoprice tablet is pretty good stuff! I’m having a ball.

seyl-reduce metroid-reduce randomstuff-reduceOf course, we must also have the obligatory big page of random doodles. I will not disappoint you.


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