After Ramis.

Today, Harold Ramis passed away.  Now, many folks who know me know that I am quite a fan of the Ghostbusters, and that original movie is where most people’s familiarity with Ramis lies.

Except, well, those of us who know better know his impact on comedy throughout the 80’s and onward.

In many ways, the way he wrote comedy in his films informed my own sense of humor over the years, much like the way that the entirely fictional character of Dr. Egon Spengler informed my own disposition toward learning and science.

I’ve always tried to work on the good one liner and good dialogue in my own speech and writing, and I can’t say that I haven’t been influenced by Ramis in that respect.

So, here’s to you, sir. We’ll still have your wonderful films even though you’re no longer with us.

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