Faded Twilight

Useful Phrases

All of this vocabulary and grammar I give you on this site isn't worth a thing without any somewhat useful examples that you can use in your own writings or conversations...when there is a case when you actually would converse or write in D'ni, that is. Here are some phrases that you may find useful as you do your studies of D'ni.



.Sora .shorah -- Peace. The common D'ni greeting.

.Sora t'Sem .shorah t'shem -- Peace with you.

.SoratA .shorahtay -- It's a greeting, but its complete translation is rather incomplete... (Auth. Note: You know, after all this time, I think this interpretation is just an error on the part of many people, including me. But for historical reasons, I'll leave it here.)


.Toe kenem .thoe kenem -- How are you?

.ken ago .ken ahgo -- I am fine. Translation Note: Raw translation is "I am well."

.cev Sem .chev shem -- Thank you. Translation Note: Raw translation is "I thank you"

.me'Ur .me'oor -- You are welcome. Translation Note: NO IDEA on the exact translation, since this was given to us by RAWA. The word meh, though, means "From."

.Selem hevtE Dn'E .selem hevtee d'nee -- Do you write D'ni words? Usage note: Can be used to say "Do you speak D'ni," since there is no known word for "speak."

.torn f'Sem .torn f'shem -- I spit on you. (A challenge or insult, I suppose)

.Kenen vUhE SutEjU .kenen voohee shuteejoo -- It could be rocksalt. (From The Book of Ti'ana)

.tagamem Xan botAgan Sem b'fasE .tahgahmem tsahn botaygahn shem b'fahsee -- I will love you forever. (From Keta's imager speech in Riven.)


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