Faded Twilight



Cyan's English Translation:

No translation provided.

Raw D'ni Translation:

.poahnt mot lereesloeet vahjahfah

saliva that has dissolved (they) six


Most likely a note that Aitrus scribbled next to the flowers - though it seems rather irrelevant to the image itself. It's probably a reference to the lizard's saliva, and the flowers might have been one of the favorite foods of the lizard, or one of the plants that Aitrus observed it eating. This is item number five on the map.

Line by Line Breakdown:

Line 1:

poahnt = saliva

mot = that

le- = Perfect tense prefix
reeslo = dissolve
-eet = Third person plural suffix (they) Note: It's referencing the saliva as a plural noun? This is probably an error on Aitrus' part.

vahjahfah = six. Note: Misspelling. Should be vahgahfah.