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"Tell a man that there are 300 billion stars in the universe, and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it, and he'll have to touch to be sure."

"You aren't expected to understand this."
- Partial comment in the original Bell Labs Unix source code.



Many people say that you ought to be very careful about what you say or place on the Internet else it may bite you in the behind later.

Of course, regardless of the fact that this has certainly happened to me, I'm still going to write something here.

Anyway, let's, as they say, get to it.

As you'll note, this website is simple. I suck at design for the web, that is why.

My real name is Rick Coogle and I live in the state of Georgia. I'm a Georgia Tech graduate with a BS in Computer Engineering, and I have a master's and PhD in in electrical and computer engineering. I've also had a lifelong dream of being a paleontologist or archaeologist, but I'm not sure either of those are going to happen any time soon. I like to do just about anything as long as it's legal and not overly damaging to my health. I am also better with the written word than the spoken word, such as it is.

During the day, I'm usually working at my workplace.

I also have a facebook profile. I really shouldn't. You can also follow me on Twitter. For my professional/research profiles, I maintain a LinkedIn profile and a ResearchGate profile.

Like any well-meaning nerd, I have this innate tendency to play around on the computer, and attempt to make things with it. Specifically, I've done a lot with computer programming (C is my language of choice for banging out something, though I know too many others for my own good), as well as some stuff with computer graphics. I'm a bit of a sketch artist, and I often use the digital as my medium.

Now that I've mentioned games, I suppose that I should mention the genres and games I favor. Well, I tend to play a lot of RPGs, adventure games, and some platformers. Nearly as long as I can remember since I got my first game system (not counting the ancient ADAM computer developed by Colecovision), I've been a fan of the Super Mario Bros. Aside from that pair, I enjoy the Myst series of games, Final Fantasy series and the Legend of Zelda and Metroid series. There are, of course, other games that I like, but they are too numerous to mention here. I am also running a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign.

I also watch a lot of sci-fi movies and shows, and also I have a personal like for terrible documentaries. I typically like my movies shallow and full of explosions. If there aren't explosions, I like a lot of sword fights. And quotable one-liners and people I can imitate are a plus. Overly elaborate plots are even more double-plus, but I've found that they only really occur in movies that I don't care for. When my schedule isn't so busy, I like to read a good book. As with my movies, I like sci-fi, fantasy, and some horror. Really, the only horror I'll read is Stephen King's particular variety, anyway. And in my definition of good book, I consider comic books and graphic novels a great part of that, of which I have a decent collection.

With my other modest collection, I consider myself an amateur numismatist. If you don't know what that is, look it up. I also save various memorabilia in the form of posters and figures, keep a collection of seashells and fossils, and I have a collection of tiny souvenir bottles. Too many collections.

One of my odder talents is my ability to absorb and retain relatively obscure facts and other useless crap from a veritable cornucopia of subjects. I am a strange master of trivia.

My handle amongst various online haunts is Yohshee. I used to put the origins of that name here, but, to be honest, who cares, really? Toss that into Google, and you'll find me all over the place. But be sure you include that first h; that's what makes it unique, you see.

...and as a final note, need to/want to/have to get in touch with me? Well, that's easy enough. I use several IM programs, all amalgamated together thanks to that program called Trillian. However, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with me using some other method that is not IM first, as I don't randomly add people.

You may detect a very strong pattern in the following names.

MSN Messenger: yohshee-at-hotmail.com
AOL Instant Messenger screen name: Neo Yohshee
ICQ Number: 26951602
Yahoo! Messenger SN: Yohshee
Twitter: @yohshee
Xbox Live: Yohshee
Nintendo Network: Yohshee
Steam: yohshee
Final Fantasy XI (Quetzalcoatl server): Send a /tell to Yosari. (No longer - This I stopped playing.)
Final Fantasy XIV (Midgardsormr server): Send a /tell to Yosari Weiss.

And that's it! I have nothing else to say about me.