Faded Twilight


Winged Creature Text

Cyan's English Translation:

This small, winged creature was one of a group that was found in a lava tube. The swarm moves, eats, and sleeps as a group, as if it were a single organism.

Raw D'ni Translation:

.met boogin prin gah tromets kokenen fah terthtes mot kokenen

This creature small and winged was (it) one of a group which was (it)

kohooren terthbroon ahnotahm

found (it) in a tube lava.

.rehevo kroen gahreesen gahederen terthtes don erthchir fah

The swarm moves (it) [and]eats [and]sleeps as a group like a organism single.


This is item number 1 in the labels on the map. All places where Aitrus spotted this are marked in the blue cutaway side view of the tunnel at the bottom of the main map.

Line by Line Breakdown:

Line 1 and Line 2:

met = This

boogin = creature

prin = small

gah = and (Note that here that it is replacing a comma)

trom = wing
-ehts = Suffix that makes a noun an adjective

ko- = Past tense prefix
ken = be
-en= Third person suffix

fah = one

t- = of
erth- = a
tes = group

mot = which

ko- = Past tense prefix
ken = be
-en = Third person suffix
(Note: This verb is used as an auxilary verb here)

ko- = Past tense prefix
hoor = find
-en = Third person suffix

t- = in
erth- = a
broon = tube

ahnotahm = lava

Line 3:

re- = The
hevo = swarm

kro = move
-en = Third person suffix

gah- = and (Note that it is prefixed)
rees = eat
-en = Third person suffix

gah- = and
eder = sleep
-en = Third person suffix

t- = as
erth- = a
tes = group

don = like (Note that Cyan's translation says: "as if it were")

erth- = a
chir = organism

fah = single