Faded Twilight

Volcano Text

Volcano Text

D'ni Translation:

pb teb

[?] to {by/in/of/with} to

[20] [15]


Numbers: From observing the values of the seventeen seals at the base of the map, and the fact that this is a two digit number, suggests that this is the eighteenth seal. [20][15] is equal to 515 in base-10, and subtracting this from the first seal's value yields exactly 500, which represents something, but that something is still undetermined. Presently, it could be the time to reach this point of the tunnel.

Also, note that in The Book of Ti'ana, Anna said that she would only go five hundred paces into the tunnel before stopping, and turning back, though this is most certainly just an odd coincidence.

Text: Hard to say. There is an approximate translation up there based on what single letters are often used for, but as this represents one of the signet seals that some D'ni ruling body/guild most likely placed on the tunnel walls, it's most likely an acronym or shortened word form for a motto. pb suggests the word pahboy (to bless) at the very least.