Faded Twilight

Journey to the Surface

Journey to the Surface Text

Cyan's English Translation:

The Journey to the Surface

With the temporary blessing of the Council, we began the excavation. This map gives the final route to the surface. Though contact wasn't made, the tunnel was sealed at the top in working order.

Raw D'ni Translation:

relenah bretaleeo

The Journey to the Surface

.trebigto iglahrno okh rekaligo kogloet regidtahv

With the blessing temporary of the Council began (we) the excavation.

.bahtsahnah met tahgen ah rerooay noref bretahleeo

Map this gives (it) the route final to the surface.

.loymaht terelin ril kodobahrelen rebishtah kodolahsahen trefilahdh

Though contact was not made (it) the tunnel was sealed (it) at the top

teflin teeget

in order working(?).

Line by Line Breakdown:

Line 1:

re- = The
lenah = Journey

b- = To
= the
tahleeo = Surface

Line 2:

t- = with
= the
bigto = blessing

iglahrno = temporary

okh = of

re- = the
kaligo = council

ko- = Past tense prefix
glo = begin
-et = First person plural suffix (we)

re- = the
gid = excavate
-tahv = Suffix that makes a verb a non-personal noun.

Line 3:

bahtsahnah = Map

met = this

tahg = give
-en = Third person suffix (he/she/it)

ah = Word denoting direct object (Note that it is not prefixed)

re- = the
rooay = route

noref = final

b- = to
= the
tahleeo = surface

Lines 3 and 4:

loymaht = Though

terelin = contact

ril = not

kodo- = Past progressive tense prefix (was...etc.)
bahrel = make
-en = Third person suffix

re- = the
bishtah = tunnel

kodo- = Past progressive tense prefix
lahsah = seal
-en = Third person suffix

t- = at
= the
filahdh = top

t- = in
eflin = order

teeget = working (Note: there's a typo here -- in the text ee is typed as e-e rather than the character for ee. Also, -et should probably be -ahl.)