Faded Twilight


Phosplants Text

Cyan's English Translation:

This is an example of one of the phosphorescent plants we discovered. They mainly grow low along the ground, but the glowing bulbs grow straight out from the rock.

Raw D'ni Translation:

.met kenen erthklay stofah tregilotee bahronet kolonet

This is (it) an example of one of the plants phosphorescent [we] discovered.

.tooleet chilesh zith fregahlon roob repoytee tsoidahl tooleet megoyray

[They] grow mainly low on the ground but the bulbs glowing grow (they) from straight


from the rock.


This is item number 2 in the labels on the map. All places where Aitrus spotted this are marked in the blue cutaway side view of the tunnel at the bottom of the main map.

Line by Line Breakdown:

Line 1:

met = This

ken = be
-en = Third person suffix

erth- = an
klay = example

sto- = of (Note: This should be tsoh, most likely)
fah = one

t- = of
re- = the
gilo = plant
-tee = Suffix that makes a noun plural

bahronet = phosphorescent

ko- = Past tense prefix
lon = discover
-et = First person plural suffix (we)

Lines 2 and 3:

tool = Grow
-eet = Third person plural suffix (They)

chil = main
-esh = Suffix that makes an adjective an adverb

zith = low

f- = on
re- = the
gahlon = ground

roob = but

re- = the
poy = bulb
-tee = Suffix that makes a noun plural

tsoid = glow
-ahl = Suffix that makes a verb an adjective

tool = grow
-eet = Third person plural suffix

me- = from
goyray = straight
(Note that Cyan's translation says "straight out"; sticking these together is probably forming the phrase "straight from")

m- = from
re- = the
prad = rock