Faded Twilight


ShaftII Map Text

Cyan's English Translation:

The shaft was designed by Surveyors' Guild Master Garten. It required the four greatest rock-working machines in all of the D'ni Empire and a few months to complete.

Raw D'ni Translation:

.retiwah kokenen kosayen t'telooknahvah gahrten

The shaft was designed (it) by Surveyors' Guild Master Gahrten.

.komesen redoyhahtee pradteegahl tor gahro b'fahsee t'biv tregahn d'nee

[It] required the machines rock-working four great to 25 in all of the Empire D'ni

gahvìleetee tren b'choylahnay

and months [a] few to complete.

Line by Line Breakdown:

Line 1:

re- = The
tiwah = shaft

ko- = Past tense prefix
ken = be
-en = Third person suffix
(Note: It is used as an auxilary verb here.)

ko- = Past tense prefix
say = design
-en = Third person suffix

t' = by
telooknahvah = Surveyors' Guild Master (Note: Might be compound and ook may be an adjective)
gahrten = Name of a man. (Who it is, though, I have no idea. The name is close to Geran in the Book of Ti'ana, though, and he's the one who did all of these things.)

Lines 2 and 3:

ko- = Past tense prefix
mes = require
-en = Third person suffix

re- = the
doyhah = machine
-tee = Suffix that makes a noun plural

prad- = rock
teeg = work
-ahl = Suffix that makes a verb an adjective

tor = four

gahro = great (Note: Refers to strength)

b' = to
fahsee = 25
Note: Showing to what extent that the machines are great -- 25 is considered the highest.

t' = in
biv = all

t- = of
re- = the
gahn = Empire

d'nee = D'ni (Note: It's an adjective here.)

gah- = and (Not sure why it's prefixed here.)
vìlee = month
-tee = Suffix that makes a noun plural

tren = [a] few

b' = to
choylahnay = complete
Note: b'choylahnay is the infinitive form.