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TI-92 Programs Page

Here's a collection of several TI-Basic/92 programs I wrote over the years. To be more specific, when I was still in high school (yikes, that was a long time ago).

You have the choice of either downloading the *.92P file containing the program, or, if you want, you can look at the text source of the program obtained by exporting a program as text from the TI-92 Graph-Link software. Note: There are special representations of symbols in these text files, and some of the programs listed below require additional data files which are included in the ZIP file available for download.

PicTools Suite

The PicTools Suite is a completely integrated set of image manipulation tools (i.e. Used with PIC variables). It is composed of a set of four units: PicZoom, PicPlot, PictureMaker, and Generate Pic. They are distributed as one integrated program, but they are shown separately here for discussion purposes.
Current Version: 2.0e


PicZoom is a program for taking existing PIC variables and zooming in on them, making them larger and a bit easier to view. It takes a little time, however, to generate the new picture. Its really easy to work with and you could find a use for it on your calculator. Just take a look at the results!
Current Version: 2.0

PicZoom ScreenshotPicZoom Screenshot


PicPlot Screenshot


PicPlot is a pixel-by-pixel image editor. It can save a fixed length picture, as well as a matrix containing all of the points represented by 0's and 1's. You can use it to make quick nips and tucks, as well as overhauling some images. I used it to re-create the pics used in StarBlaster (Believe me, they looked very bad before I wrote this program!) This is a very useful program and a great addition to your collection.
Current Version: 3.0

PictureMaker Screenshot


PictureMaker is a utility for generating program code to recreate a picture. It creates the complex matrices necessary for use with the NewPic instruction (If you don't know what it does, look it up!). The files it generates, however, are quite large. It also takes some time to scan the picture and generate the code. However, anything that makes a developer's job easier is a welcome addition!
Current Version: 2.0e

Generate Pic is just a small app that takes matrices generated by PicPlot and creates new picture variables out of them; it is fairly self-explanatory.
Current Version: 1.0

Download PicTools View Text Source

Base-N Converter

The Base-N Converter is a conversion utility for converting from to different number bases from decimal. It comes preconfigured for the four most common bases (Binary, Hex, Octal) and you can define your own. Useful for the computer guy.
Current Version: 1.0

Download Base-N Converter View Text Source

Rick's Compatibility Test

This is a test for testing your compatibility with other people. Its tests are rather self-explanatory and easy to use. It tracks all comparisons made and these data variables can be viewed with the ltresult() program, included in the package. When deleting the data files associated with the main program, be sure to use ltresult or everything will get out of whack. Have fun!
Current Version: 5.0e

Download Rick's Compatibility Test View Text Source


StarBlaster Screenshot

One of the few TI-Basic games I have written, StarBlaster is a 1 or 2 player game that is basically I shoot you, you shoot me. It's pretty fun to play, too, especially when you are playing against someone else! It comes with a complete help program, so you can easily figure out how to play.
Current Version: 7.7e

Download StarBlaster
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The Help Program
"Megamissile" Effect Program

Virtual Address Book

Virtual Address Book is a suite of three separate programs that allow you to track your phone numbers. Addbook is the data entry component, QReport is the data retrieval component, and QReport is a data filtering component. Very simple and useful for tracking your phone numbers without relying on an expensive organizer.
Current Versions:
Addbook 1.2e
QFilter 2.0
QReport 1.2

Download Virtual Address Book
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