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A Cyan Chat Client by Yohshee

Magenta Screenshot

As Cyan Chat in this form has been shut down, this webpage remains up as a historical artifact and is no longer maintained. The latest source code for both the C++ version and VB6 version is available on github.

Magenta is a Win32 client for Cyan Chat that implements Version 1 of the CC Protocol. It implements it correctly, as well as implementing it completely (i.e. full ignore and color support). It is small, swift, and easy to carry. Unlike most software.

Features that are particular to Magenta include:

For the curious, Magenta is written in C++, utilizing the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) for all Windows stuff. It is also statically linked to the MFC libraries, which causes the executable to be a wee bit larger, but it also prevents the need to distribute libraries. Source is provided for the curious.

Magenta is currently built using Visual C++ 6.0. The author is well-aware of this suboptimality. There apparently have been ports, but the state of those is unknown to the author. For Linux users, it runs fine under Wine.

Installation Information

You can put the executable wherever you want. If you've ever used Putty, well, Magenta behaves like that. If you want to use the help system, be sure to place the help file into the same directory as Magenta.


Current Versions:

Download Magenta v1.0.61.

Current Magenta Source Code. Be sure to read readme-src.txt in the package.

Here's a sample XSL stylesheet for the Magenta XML Format.

Also check out the Magenta XML DTD.