Faded Twilight

Miscellaneous Things

This is just a collection of some fun stuff that I keep around here for anyone to look at. I'd say "Browse at your own risk," but you wouldn't listen to me anyway, so go on ahead. Much of these things are just simple examples of programming the interwebs.

Sephiroth Name Generator (FFXI). For those of you who believe themselves to be this guy who did some very not nice things.

Ultimate FFXI Name Generator. Do you need a name for playing the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI? I have a tool for you!

Store TP Calculator. Another tool for FFXI players. Need to know how much Store TP bonus you need in order to get that magical 100% TP in the fewest number of hits? Well, here you go!

"Liberi Fatali" Lyric Translation. A translation of the introductory song to Final Fantasy VIII.

TI-92 Information. My ancient TI-92 calculator page.

Number Base Converter. Online converter for converting numbers from one base to another.