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The D'ni Language


Welcome to my modest writings on the D'ni language. I've provided a couple of guides to the letters, numbers, and grammar; the latter isn't intended to be a tutorial on how to speak or write the language, but you may use it for that if you so desire. I have also provided a dictionary of the words in the language. Unlike the previous dictionaries on this website, the new one is unified and may seem a little unusual at first. You can have a different index based on how you feel most comfortable: with D'ni transliterated letters ordered in either English or D'ni order, or a pure English ordering. Also, it requires Javascript enabled in order to view.

To properly view these pages, you'll need a proper D'ni font. If you don't have it installed, download Cyan's D'ni Font from the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship (As it seems that Cyan doesn't provide it anymore.).

General Writings

General Grammar
D'ni Number System
The D'ni Alphabet
Common Phrases
Special Words

D'ni Dictionary

Dictionary conventions.
D'ni dictionary with transliterated index.
D'ni dictionary with English/Roman index, sorted on translation.
D'ni dictionary with D'ni index.
Download the XML data file containing all the lexical entries.

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