Faded Twilight

The D'ni Journeys


The story of Atrus and his family, otherwise known as the Myst series, is well known around the world. A great community has built up around just these games, and they are entertaining, absorbing, and challenging. There's also a wealth of story behind them - especially of the D'ni civilization. Their language is my primary focus here in these pages.

Note: This is a spoiler site, so if you haven't finished some of the Myst games and really care, then you may not want to enter. You have been thusly warned.

Transcript of the Ending of Riven. If you have trouble understanding what Atrus is saying at the end of Riven, then check out this text. Of course, major spoiler is implied here.

D'ni Language Resources. Miscellaneous writings about the D'ni language, as well as a lexicon of the known words.

Translations of the Map to the Surface. My own translations of the D'ni language.