Faded Twilight

The Map to the Surface

Map to the Surface


This map, which details the route to the surface from D'ni as drawn by Aitrus, Gehn's father and Atrus' grandfather, is one of the most important surviving records to come out of D'ni. It has proved to be a wealth of information on the D'ni language, thanks to translations done by Cyan, and independently by others. I have taken it upon myself to analyze the texts on this map in my own fashion, like many students of the D'ni language and culture. Many texts here have not been given an English translation by Cyan, therefore in those cases I have made the best approximations for meaning, though my transliterations of the text into the so-called "Old Standard" are quite accurate. Also, there is quite a bit of numeric data stored in this map that is quite fascinating - the section on the Great Zero, details this information in some fashion, as well as scattered parts with the seventeen seals and the volcano text. If there are any corrections that need to be made, or you have some insights on some mysteries I've attempted to probe here, do not hesitate to email me. I'd love to hear from you.

Hover your mouse pointer over specific areas of the clickable map for short descriptions. The numbers by specific items will be explained elsewhere. Bear in mind that this map has two parts: the main overhead view of the tunnel, and the cutaway side view of the tunnel. Neither appear to be to scale.

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